2 day Landscape Painting Courses 2024 with Michael Cruickshank - £295

Daphne and Pip with their completed paintings from the 2 day course


MAY 14th and 15th  –  Tuesday and Wednesday  –  FULL

OCTOBER 22nd and 23rd  –  Tuesday and Wednesday

For Follow Up Dates please click HERE


Follow up sessions are for those who have already attended a 2 day course.  Cost £75 per day (£300 if you book 5 sessions in advance).  You bring your own lunch and own materials.  Coffee and cake included.  Lunch, if available will be £10.


£75 per hour.  Invaluable for people who are stuck with certain aspects in their painting journey to enable them to progress forward.  Coffee and cake included. 

£350 for a full day.

The Course

The 2 day course is suitable for complete beginners or those who would like to brush up on basic techniques.  We learn in watercolour as it is a good teaching medium.

As with all our courses, the subject is a vehicle for learning different artistic skills that build our technical tool kit.  On day 1 Mike will demonstrate each topic for you to then try yourself.  On Day 2, you will consolidate all that you have learned by painting your own picture from start to finish, revisiting and reinforcing what you have learned and working on any aspects that you find difficult.

Suitable for complete beginners and those who have painted before and wish to rekindle their desire to paint again and brush up on the basic techniques.  No drawing skills required.

Coffee, cake and a delicious home cooked, healthy lunch with wine are included.

Arrive from 9.30am, for coffee before a 10am start.  The day finishes at 4.30pm.