Watercolour Sketchbook - understand, practise and learn to use watercolour

2 day Sketchbook Course with Emma Burnett  –  £295


In the context of general painting techniques and skills you will learn the following:-

Even if you have painted for years, going back and concentrating on the wonders of watercolour as a medium can truly enhance your painting and your enjoyment of painting.  Understanding the lightbox effect of watercolour used correctly, the translucence and the wonderful layering effects, enhances work across the board.

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A little video on the joys and ease of watercolour as a medium

Course dates 2022

JULY 6th and 7th  –  Wednesday and Thursday

AUGUST 16th and 17th  –  Tuesday and Wednesday

FOLLOW UP SESSIONS – for those who have already attended a 2 day course.  Cost £75 per day (£60 per day if you book 5 sessions in advance).  You bring your own lunch and own materials.  Coffee and cake included.

2022 dates to be confirmed


£75 per hour.  Invaluable for people who are stuck with certain aspects in their painting journey to enable them to progress forward.  Coffee and cake included.

Course details

Using a sketchbook and through various exercises we will explore how to use watercolour in various ways.  This will expand our understanding and enjoyment so that painting becomes fluid and exciting rather than a ‘colour by numbers’ approach.
Understand how much water to use for different effects. For example, wet in wet, dry on wet, and wet on dry.
How to layer watercolours to achieve exciting colour and tonal variations
Brush strokes to achieve lovely marks.
How not to get the marks you don’t want.

Coffee, cake and a delicious home cooked, healthy lunch with wine are included.

Arrive from 9.30am, for coffee before a 10am start.  The day finishes at 4.30pm.